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Coral Essentials now available instore and online!
Coral Essentials now available instore and online!

Radion XR15 Gen5 Freshwater

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Radion XR15 Gen5 Freshwater features advanced HEI optics, Mobius compatibility, quiet active cooling technology, and pre-loaded spectrum configurations, making it the ideal choice for optimal health and growth of your freshwater aquarium. Upgrade to the Gen 5 for improved lighting quality and control through the easy-to-use Mobius App. Compatible with Single Arm RMS and Multi-light RMS tank mounts. Compare the impressive new HEI lens design to previous generations of Radion lenses for superior light uniformity and coverage. Control your equipment remotely with the Mobius App and enjoy customizable lighting modes and intensity settings for your Radion lights. With a sleek 18cm x 18cm x 3.5cm design and 90W power consumption, the Radion XR15 Gen5 Freshwater is the ultimate choice for your aquarium.


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