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Check out Waterbox Aquariums here!
Check out Waterbox Aquariums here!

Waterbox – Infinia Frag 155.5 Aquarium with Stand

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Enhance your viewing experience with a flawless modern look, provided by a rimless aquarium and ultra-clear glass with 91% light transmittance and 19mm (3/4") visual clarity. The high strength black silicone creates clean lines and ensures longevity for your aquarium. The central overflow, equipped with dual returns and a removable weir comb, allows for easy maintenance and optimal flow. The plumbing system includes a safety drain to prevent overflowing, dual adjustable nozzles for precise water flow, and a precision overflow valve for quiet operation. Assembling the aquarium is quick and easy with the downflow drain system and quick connect fittings. The sump is designed for simplicity and functionality with space for filter socks or rollers, a skimmer and media reactor chamber, an integrated RO reservoir, and an adequate space for return pumps. The marine-grade cabinetry system ensures strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, with its 20 mm aluminum framing and laminated finish. The adjustable leveling feet and open back design


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