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Reef Octopus – CalReact200 Calcium Reactor

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Effectively maintain a balanced calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium ratio for tanks up to 400 gallons with the Reef Octopus – CalReact200 Calcium Reactor. Its compact size, controllable DC powered pump, and reverse flow and CO2 recirculation design make it easy to use for internal or external application. Dial in your desired flow rate and watch as the aragonite media dissolves, releasing essential elements for coral growth. This high-quality reactor is recommended for tanks with high, medium, or low calcium/alkalinity demands, and its specifications make it a cost-effective solution for larger reef tanks. Kit includes reactor, VarioS 4 DC pump, pump power supply and controller, tube fittings, suction cups, and check valve tubing. CO2 regulator and solenoid, pH controller and probe, CO2 tank, and effluent feed pump are sold separately. Choose a reliable option such as the CarbonDoser from Aquarium Plant Life and the Milwaukee MC122 pH controller


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