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Coral Essentials now available instore and online!
Coral Essentials now available instore and online!

Reef Factory – Smart Tester

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The Smart Tester from Reef Factory offers automated and accurate water parameter testing through a modular design. With the added capability to customize your monitoring by selecting cartridges for calcium, magnesium, nitrate, or phosphate, you can focus on the critical parameters for your system. No more manual testing with the Smart Tester's full automation and auto-calibration feature ensuring hassle-free accuracy and reliability. Maintenance is also a breeze with easy cartridge replacement and the option to integrate dosing pumps for automatic dosing. Stay informed and in control with the Reef Factory app, which provides instant access to current readings, reagent levels, historical data, and more. The Smart Tester is designed for convenience, rarely needing calibration, and powered by Reef Factory's high-precision, quiet, and durable in-house peristaltic pumps. Enjoy easy installation with DIN wall mounting and up to 160 tests with only 50 ml of water per measurement. The compact Smart Tester device, measuring 8.3" x 3.7"


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