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Reef Factory – Smart Roller Medium

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The Reef Factory Smart Roller Medium is a high-performance filter roller that effortlessly maintains crystal clear water for up to 3 months. It uses smart notifications and comes in three different sizes, with an additional basket for filtration media. The automatic filter rollers eliminate the need for filter socks and efficiently remove particles from your aquarium water. By using the Reef Factory app, you can easily see the remaining days of the current fleece roll, monitor daily roll usage, turn the Smart roller on or off, and even set a delayed start. The app also alerts you in case of a jam, ensuring timely checks and servicing. Unlike other filter roller systems, maintenance for the Smart roller is easy, with no need to remove the unit or turn off pumps. It also comes with feet for setting it directly in the sump, or a hanging bracket for those who prefer it. With a maximum flow rate of 2906 GPH, the Smart roller is recommended for tanks sized 75-400 gallons. Its compact size


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