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OCTO VarioS 10 DC Water Pump

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The VarioS 10 DC water pump by Reef Octopus (RO) is engineered for high pressure applications. Similar to the VarioS skimmer pump, it features a detachable controller, high quality ceramic shaft and bearings, and the latest variable speed flow technology for refined control, enhanced performance, energy-efficiency, and safer operations. Unlike traditional AC pumps, this pump uses DC 36V for increased energy efficiency and safer operation. The controller offers 90 preset speed settings, real-time wattage and RPM display, and a 15- or 60-minute feed mode. The rotatable output volute allows for placement flexibility and the expected lifespan is 10 years. Other models available include VarioS 2, VarioS 4, VarioS 6, and VarioS 8, all with warranties for 2 years.

The OCTO VarioS 10 DC Water Pump comes with a pump body, power adapter (DC36V/7.0A), power cord, controller (3010108003), controller mounting (4010108001), power adapter mounting (4010108002), threaded coupling-male (40mm), union flange (40mm), union O ring (42*4), threaded coupling-male (50mm), union flange (50mm), union O ring (50.8*4.6), intake strainer (4010108003), pump motor, pump base (1042600004), rubber feet (1050200003), O ring (100*3), O ring (1050100101), bearing (1080200010), rotor (3010108004), volute (1042600003), and screws (M5*25). The technical data for the VarioS 10 Circulation Pump includes a maximum power of 200 W




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