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Coral Essentials now available instore and online!
Coral Essentials now available instore and online!

MP10 Quiet Drive Dry Side

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The Ecotech VorTech MP10W QUIETDRIVE 750-6000+lph is ideal for maintaining proper flow in your aquarium, ensuring a healthy ecosystem. With its compact size and powerful performance, choosing the right water circulation equipment has never been easier. Its dimensions, flow range, and power are all designed for tanks of various sizes, making it a versatile option for both small and large aquariums. The innovative magnetic coupling design eliminates any distractions from the beauty of your tank and its inhabitants, while also providing precise control of water movement. Upgrade to the Quiet Drive technology for even quieter operation and more benefits. Plus, with the optional battery backup, your tank will be protected from power interruptions for up to 72 hours. For convenient control, you can also use the Reef Link and EcoSmart Live features, which allow you to manage your VorTech pumps and Radion LED lighting from anywhere in the world. To determine the best flow levels for your specific tank, use the VorTech


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