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Coral Essentials now available instore and online!
Coral Essentials now available instore and online!

Ecotech Marine Versa Dosing Pump - 4 Pumps with Base

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Ecotech Marine extend into precise peristaltic dosing pump. The Dosing pump can also be used for water changes making it simple and stable.

Specifically designed peristaltic pump from Ecotech Marine.

Ecotech Versa Pump Pack of 4 with Base

Its all about the Base

While you could easily purchase single Versa Dosing Pumps, the pack with the base gives two major advantages.
Firstly - there is just the one power pack rather then 4 with individual units to plug into power points.
Secondly - The base allows you also manually adjust the pumps for ease of use.

Specifically designed peristaltic pump from Ecotech Marine.

The Versa is extremely precise, robust and versatile.

Capable of being used as a dosing pump, as an auto top off (ATO) pump and even for automatic water changes.

The Versa Pump can be controlled via the Ecotech App - Mobius Control and allows you to have full control at your finger tips.

This is a major improvement over the complex programming previous dosing pumps used.

As each unit is fully controllable, this means you can purchase either one or a few and run exactly what you need for you aquarium.

Min dosing volume:

  • 0.5ul/min

  • Max dosing volume:

  • 300ml/min

  • Accuracy:

  • +/- .2ml for quantities of 1ml of less
  • +/- 1% for quantities of 1-300ml

  • Vertical Head Pressure:

  • 18+ft (6m)

  • Connector Options:

  • 1/4" stem for push-to-connect fittings, 1/4" female push-to-connect female, 1/4" barb for soft-wall tubing (denotes accessory)

  • Tubing:

  • 1/4" OD Polyethylene-Style Tubing for push-to-connect fittings or 1/4" OD soft-wall tubing for barb fitting
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