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Check out our new Clean Up Crew Bulk Packs now available!

EcoTech Marine Multi Arm Radion Mounting System

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Multi-Light (B) RMS Arm (2pk)
RMS - Radion Mounting System.
Modular hanging and mounting solution for Radion XR30 and Radion XR15 lights.
The multi-light RMS offers a customisable multi light mount for Radion XR30 and Radion XR15 lights.

This item is just the (B) RMS Arm Part Only - There are 3 parts to make a complete kit:

  • (A) Rail/Track - which gives you the length over the tank
  • (B) Arms - which what you need to attach the rail to the tank
  • (C) Slides - which are the attachments for the light to the rail

The Radion Slide Mount is designed to work with the RMS track system and requires the purchase of the three main components:

RMS Track - Horizontal piece that spans between the RMS Multi-Light Arms

Multi-Light RMS Arm Kit - Vertical pieces that mount to your tank and support the RMS Multi-Light Track


XR717 RMS Hanging Kit - Allows for simple hanging of the RMS Tracks where tank mount arms are not desired. By hanging the tracks you can easily adjust the height of the lights above the tank for a very clean looking install.

RMS Slide Mounts - Adjustable mounting brackets that attach to the RMS Track and support the Radion LED lights

The multi-light RMS system features

  • Built-in cable management
  • Compatible with rimmed, rimless, and eurobraced tanks
  • Extremely rigid and light
  • Anodised Aluminum Finish
  • Flexible slide mounts allow for you to move and rotate your Radion position to perfectly illuminate your corals
  • Mounts Radions optimally at approximately 18cm above glass

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