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Coral Essentials now available instore and online!
Coral Essentials now available instore and online!

AI Blade Coral Glow Actinic SL57 Aquarium Light - 145.03cm

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This product is deemed as either large, bulky, or heavy and cannot be shipped for delivery. Special Order: This item is not regularly stocked and will require a special order. This may result in a delay in shipping. If the supplier runs out of stock, we will notify you and provide an estimated time of arrival.


The Blade Coral Glow will fluoresce your tank. Coral Glow features an LED mix that maximizes spectral peaks that showcase coral fluorescent pop that can be added to a Blade Coral Grow or other aquarium lighting.


Light your way

Take your tank to the next level by adding a Blade Glow to your Blade lighting or supplement your existing light to pop your fluorescence like never before.


Mounting solutions to satisfy any system. Versatility defines the Blade from tank mount to hanging, with plenty of options in between.


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