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Waterbox – Cube AIO 10 Aquarium

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The filtration system in this compact aquarium is designed with a unique baffle system that directs water through filter socks and chambers of various sizes for optimal filtration. It comes with a 2.75" filter sock, an adjustable return nozzle, and a variety of filtration media including bio-balls, carbon, and a filter sponge. The return pump included is perfectly matched for efficient water turnover. The aquarium, made of ultra-clear glass, has dimensions of 350mm x 361mm x 350mm and a total volume of 41 L / 10.9 gallons. It also includes a media/skimmer chamber, a filter sock chamber, and a pump chamber. Other accessories included are a directional nozzle, a return hose, and various filter media such as activated carbon and bio balls.


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