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Livestock shipped every Monday and Tuesday!

Polyp Lab Reef Roids 75g

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Polyp Lab Reef Roids 75g

Reef Roids is a blend of naturally occurring marine planktons, which contains a species of zooplankton that is unique to our product.

It is formulated to minimize water degradation and is ideal for Goniapora, Zoanthids, Mushrooms and all other filter feeding corals.

With continued use, your corals will never experience faster growth and coloration!

For every 50g of tank volume, mix 1/2 teaspoon of Reef Roids with some water from your tank.

For optimum results, use a syringe to target feed this mixture while tank circulation is off. Otherwise, disperse mixture into tank.


Polyplab, the world's number one coral food manufacturer, is proud to present it's new packaging and beefed up sized REEF-ROIDS.

Sorry, we couldn't make better with the best product in the world, but its time for us as company that cares about our oceans to take a step toward "being" better to our planet.


  • Our new packaging use 87% less plastic than our previous jars

  • Each selling unit pack up 25% more of the best coral food in the world compare to our previous packaging

  • Each master case and display case weight have been reduce by an average of 19% compared to our previous cases

  • Each master case volume have been reduced by an average on 25% compared with our previous master cases

  • In addition of getting MORE Reef-Roids we reduced our plastic and carbon foot print in the fight to keep our oceans cleaner

Size: 75g

Feeds 400L Aquariums for 4 months (2 x per week)

Ingredients: Marine Planktons

Unlike many other "coral foods" on the market, Reef-roids is NOT made with processed fish meals or other ingredients that can rapidly degrade water quality. Reef-roids is a mixture of naturally occurring marine planktons including a specific species of zooplankton that is unique to our product.


  • Crude Protein 60% min

  • Crude Lipid 20% min

  • Ash 6% max

  • Crude Fiber 8% max

  • Moisture 6% max

  • Astaxanthin 150-200 ppm.


For every 400L of your system volume, mix one teaspoon of Reef-roids with some water from your tank. Briefly stir this mixture to create an even paste. We highly recommend target feeding the paste to your corals using a syringe or turkey baster while circulation pumps are turned off. Otherwise, pour the paste in an area of high flow before turning off the in-tank circulation pumps.

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