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Livestock shipped every Monday and Tuesday!

Reef Revolution Kalkwasser 1KG

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Reef Revolution's Kalkwasser is high quality and pure calcium hydroxide that is an old but highly effective method of dosing the correct ratio of both calcium and carbonate levels to supply the demand of your growing reef aquarium while maintaining PH. Many inhabitants require calcium carbonates such as corals and coralline algae to grow. Due to the low solubility of calcium hydroxide Kalkwasser needs to be mixed with RODI water and dosed with your ATO or used with a Kalkwasser reactor.

WARNING: Kalkwasser is very caustic and may burn skin. Gloves and face protection are required, avoid breathing dust. If you are exposed seek medical attention.


Low stocked aquariums: 0.75g of Kalkwasser makes 1L of water

Medium stocked aquarium: 1.12g of Kalkwasser makes 1L of water

Highly stocked mixed reef aquarium: 1.5g of Kalkwasser makes 1L of water

For higher demanding systems a highly saturated solution is required using a Kalkwasser reactor. Once the solution is mixed do not mix again and make sure the container is sealed. To determine depletion and demand is best to test calcium, alkalinity and PH frequently.

Kalkwasser will be slowly dosed with your ATO throughout the day with the aquarium evaporation. Do not add directly to the aquarium, mix in a separate container.


Calcium Hydroxide

Storage: Seal the internal bag after use and store in a cool dry place.

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