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Livestock shipped every Monday and Tuesday!
Livestock shipped every Monday and Tuesday!

ABC Auto Testing Reagent Kit 2 month supply (Suits NEPTUNE TRIDENT)

Original price $95.95 - Original price $95.95
Original price
$95.95 - $95.95
Current price $95.95

Can be used to automatically test levels of alkalinity, Ca, and Mg of aquarium water.

Our Reagents are supplied in the correct sized bottles.

We will always have stock available.

2-month supply contains:

0.5 L reagent A (2 X 0.25 L bottles)

0.25 L reagent B bottle

0.25 L reagent C bottle

No longer supplying calibration fluid. Please use your own tank water to get a more accurate reading. 

*2-month supply based on common testing frequencies of automated systems

This is the same quality as you would get with Neptune.



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